The Office
ACL Partners, Paris
24/11/14 – 24/12/14

Samia Mirza, Salt Rush, 2014

Cédric Fargues
Adam Cruces
Rasmus Myrup
Philipp Timischl
Martyn Reynolds
Josip Novosel
Amalia Ulman
Max Hooper Schneider
Aidan Koch

Adriana Ramić
Mohamed Namou
Matthew Linde
Oliver Fairhurst
Puppies Puppies
Greatest Hits
Michael Mazurek
Donna Huanca
Jasper Spicero

Anna Solal
Airbnb Pavilion
Rolf Nowotny
Sarah Ortmeyer
Emmanuele Marcuccio
Emilie Pitoiset
Alex Vivian
David Stjernholm
Samia Mirza

The Office started with an offer made by the art dealing company ACL Partners to set up an exhibition on the occasion of the Picasso Museum opening in Paris in front of their office. Over the course of few weeks we developed ideas with 29 artists that resulted in more than forty artworks that played either with the office’s original setting or the dealer’s day-to-day life. Blondie and Chelsea, the art dealer’s dogs have been put in charge by Puppies Puppies to film the opening. The trophy piece that is normally placed above the art dealer’s shoulders in the office has been exchanged with Columbian Sperm donor, a rare 1999 signed poster of Lance Armstrong sent by Michael Mazurek. The huge Cindy Sherman’s photography that hangs in the living room has been used by the AIRBNB survival kit as a bed painting decoration. Macbook pro scent diffuser realized by Greatest Hits shares its space with Ron Arad’s uncomfortable aluminium chair and Adam Cruces customized grey and white M&M’s. The toilet has been transformed by Cédric Fargues into a character inspired by the 90’s B movie Look Who’s Talking Too, while the storage has been occupied by Matthew Linde’s Centre for Style. In the last room Max Hooper Schneider’s aquarium functions as an anti- stress device on the art dealer’s desk.

Atlas Magazine
Mousse Magazine

Thomas Julier, Unattended bag, 2014

Martyn Alexander, Smoke break in the Anthropocene, 2014

Adam Cruces, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), 2014
Rasmus Myrup, Refracted Temporal Silhouettes, 2014

Puppies Puppies, Untitled (Pure Leaf Tea Bottle Filled w- urine), 2014

Alex Vivian, To look…, 2014

Paul McCarthy

Adam Cruces, ¯-_(ツ)_-¯, 2014

Exhibition View

Aidan Koch, with love to Dora, 2014

Jean Prouvé's chairs
Aidan Koch, Private Muse, 2014

Emilie Pitoiset, Only you, 2014

Cindy Sherman, Untitled (Balenciaga), 2008 and AIRBNB Pavilion, AIRBNB Kit, 2014

AIRBNB Pavilion, AIRBNB Kit (detail), 2014

Exhibition view with works from Martial Raysse, Pierre Jeanneret and Sarah Ortmeyer

Exhibition view

Philipp Timischl, Men of science, Men of faith, 2012

Mohamed Namou, Financial Times, 2014

Pierre Jeanneret, Matteo Callegari and Kim Farkas, Replay, 2013

Puppies Puppies, Glasses with-Glasses (bootleg of Daren Bader), 2014

Exhibition view

Alex Vivian,To Cover in…..(objects on their way to becoming something else), 2014
Emanuele Marcuccio, Art of cleaning, 2014
Kim Farkas, Balise, 2014

Max Hooper Schneider, Museum for Genus Pomacea, 2013

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Rolf Nowotny, Disperse, 2008-2011 - David Stjernholm, Router, 2014 - (Freelance Company) curated by Rasmus Myrup

Jasper Spicero, Untitled, 2014

Adriana Ramic, The Return Trip is Never the Same (After Trajets de Fourmis et Retours au Nid by Victor Cornetz, 2014

Exhibition view

Amalia Ulman, $weet a$ $weat $our a$ Money, 2014

Rasmus Myrup Refracted Temporal Silhouettes, 2014 and Anna Solal, Savon, 2014

Adam Cruces, (-... - ), 2014

Cédric Fargues, Untiled, 2014

Donna Huanca, My future self, 2014

Matthew Linde, Centre for Style, 2014

Matthew Linde, Centre for Style (detail), 2014

Exhibition view

Thomas Julier, Unattended bag, 2014